Fudgy Berry Chocolate Chip Brownies | Gluten Free

mhmmm, do I smell Brownies?

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Pumpkin Curry Soup Recipe| The Best Soup for Autumn

Salut again! Temperatures are dropping more and more nowadays as we are approaching winter slow and steady. Naturally people are starting to stay more indoor and hide beneath they’re warm blankets with their favourite warm beverages. If you’ve been to Starbucks recently, you will have seen that all their drinks are fall themed. Hot caramel…

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Coconut Kale “Chilli”

There is a little bit of s funny story behind this recipe and I discovered it only by “accident”. Last year around September my parents went on a trip together while my brother and I stayed home for a week. During this time one of my mothers friends, who was our emergency contact in case…

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