A little bit of Paradise

There is this special place in my life, where I end up coming back to every summer. The place is full of nature and close to a lake, far away from any hectic city life. Here the scent of fresh cut grass and cow shit goes through your nose, not the smell of piss and rubbish like in the big cities. Life is slower and its quiet. All throughout the day birds are chirping and bees are buzzing. This place is clean and modern, but absolutely charming with its wooden features and many paintings hanging on the wall. In summer the place is surrounded by blooming trees. Even the house is covered in ivy all around like a true magical little paradise. This is a special place for me not only because of its beauty and charm but because it is where I feel safe and at home. The place is home to two very important people in my life that have made the place as special as it is. Although the team is now unfortunately only half as big and for a long time I did not feel comfortable in these four walls anymore, I have learnt to fall back in love with this magical place that I can call my home once again.