Lockdown Journal Series pt.1

I don’t have to repeat to you what a strange situation we’re finding ourselves in today. Governements have shut down entire countries and we’re meant to stay away from people as far as possible.

When I wrote my New Years resolutions back in December, I hoped my year would have looked a little different. I had plans to visit my family one in Asia one last time before diving into the intense work life that my studies include. But 2020 had other plans for all of us and me included. For some the year just got significantly harder and for others 2020 has become the year of hanging. Whether hanging meant hanging in there or barley hanging on, I leave for you to decide.

Fact is I like everyone else was stuck inside. As we are left with boredom or fear of what’s to come, we all have gathered our own little lockdown stories and today I am sharing with you mine. So here’s my story…

My year began with a one month trip backpacking through Europe with my best friend before I moved across country once again to embark my latest adventure the life of a uni student. We had barley started our semester, when the world had begun panicking about the newly highly contagious virus taking its trip around the globe. As more and more people got sick, eventually even we in the western world had to close not only our boarders but also our front doors. I was about halfway done with my semester, when they shut down uni. And now what? Unlike the semesters above us our semester was put on hold until further notice, which in any situation would have been a highlight, as it meant another holiday. With everything shut though and therefore not much to do boredom soon snuck in through the back door. Boredom was now a constant companion of ours.

At the time I was still living in our student housing among many other students who as the situation progressed moved back home to their families. Now there was only a dozen left of us. We killed time by playing games. But when you play against the same people over and over again and it’s always them who win, even the most patient person will loose their grip. By now the world was already changing, classes were now held online just like exams. Everyone seemed to have found an alternative, except for my semester which was still very much on hold.

When the higher semester’s students finished their exams even they moved away, leaving a whopping 5 people at the student house. Five very different people all stuck beneath the same roof with nothing much to do and nowhere to go, you bet that turned into a story worth telling, which is exactly what I intend to do here. Because next to all the worrying and uncertainty in our lives there were not just a few moments that really made this quarantine a whole lot more special as well as better! Among the five of us we did not only have a laugh or two, but we found friendship and even love for one another in a time of stress and chaos.

Now today the world is already looking a lot different again. Shops have since reopened and our little five soul bubble adventures at the student house have come to an end. Summer has knocked at the door and we have gone our separate ways for now until we reunite next winter again for a hopefully somewhat normal semester at uni.

So there we have it, the beginning to my story, the start of the lockdown journals coming to you weekly until it is complete. I am looking forward to seeing you again next time, until then stay safe and stay healthy