A Foodie Tribute to good old times / Kuala Lumpur

Ah, Kuala Lumpur, a city with many cultures and an even wider range in the world of food. I remember the time I lived in Kuala Lumpur all to well. I was finally old enough to drive around by myself and meet up with my friends wherever, whenever I wanted. Gosh, I am making it sound like I was your rebellious teenager, roaming around the city getting myself in trouble all the time. It was quite the contrary. We tended to meet up for our same few activities on the regular, most of them included eating. As we are all stuck at home at the moment and I was suppose to be on a flight home to visit my family not too long from now – which is probably not going to happen anytime soon – I am taking you on a little trip down memory lane instead. Let’s call it a little tribute to the good old times.

VCR – Bangsar Village: The good old VCR. I think from all the places this one has to be our number one destination because not only do they make a sick cup of coffee, but the absolute best brunch. Our favourites were the French toast, avocado toast and the surf and turf. We went to VCR after pretty much every occasion, sleep over or just another Wednesday morning after or before the gym. We found out about VCR through one of my friends mother, who has an eye for cute little cafe with a good cup of coffee and nice food. The cafe has a little bench outside with three tables, our signature spot. Unfortunately for us VCR was not just popular among us and so it got very full on weekends or even during the week during specific times. Not seldom it was a race against time to ensure us a seat at VCR altogether. So here’s to a good iced soy latte and avocado toast.

Sushi from Bangsar Village Grocer: I think if I had to live off of one food for the rest of my life it would have to be sushi. Our local grocery store had a section where they made fresh sushi and let me tell you, they are the best. They make the best veggie sushi in my opinion, because unlike some places they don’t actually shy away with the filling and they don’t use pickled corn either. Bangsar Village sushi was sort of our take out food. On Friday’s before our almost weekly movie night we’d head down to Bangsar village, stack up on sushi and a bunch of snacks. It was also our food choice after our final exams in high school. So here’s to the sesame avocado veggie sushi.

Sushi Tei – MidValley Mega Mall: Following up on sushi, overall the village grocer sushi is the best in my opinion, but if we’re looking at something a little more restaurant like then sushi tei was more the choice. They had anything Japanese from sushi to ramen. Besides their bomb Japanese curry, I always went here for their awesome dragon roll. A tempura shrimp avocado sushi roll ๐Ÿ™‚ Although, this was more of a rare visit for my friend group I am putting it on my list. So here’s to a bomb dragon roll.

Ippudo – Bangsar Shopping centre: Ippudo is a ramen place from I believe Singapore (not sure though). We used to live walking distance away from one in our first apartment. We loved to go out for Saturday family dinners and our usual debate was between the Italian at the corner or Ippudo. I must say at the beginning I wasn’t the biggest fan, but over time I fell in love with their dishes. To all the funny moments and family fights held at Ippudo.

Din Tai Fun – Midvalley Mega Mall: Dumplings, must I say more? My dad had tried convincing us to go for years, until one day we caved and it became another family dinner spot. Soon after it became popular among my friend group too and so Din Tai Fun was our before cinema or after school lunch spot just a few times. So here’s to all the soy sauce spilled on the table at Din Tai Fun.

Mamak: For the fact that Mamak is restaurant choice amongst many people living in KL, I didn’t go there too much. Except for after partying. There was a small mamak store on the road we used to party. The clubs closed at 4am, which meant that we went for a late night snack at around 3am to be able to catch a cab before the taxi raid started. The treat among many gin tonics was either roti canai or roti cheese both excellent choice at 3am. The Mamak was not the best on town but at 3am in the morning that didn’t matter to us. So here’s to our special McDonald and the many great night outs!

W1 – Bangsar Village: This place is a little more special. Again we came upon it through my best friends mom. A few weeks later my best friend and I tried it out ourselves. We ordered a few dishes as started, some pims and of course the best thing about this place – the dessert. It was here we came across this amazing creation called Eton mess and our lives had changed for the better since! So here’s to our last night in Kuala Lumpur and those espresso martinis we got for free that we didn’t enjoy at all ๐Ÿ˜›

Mantra Bar – Bangsar Village: So following up from the previous restaurant, that same night we followed up to mantra bar. It’s not the friendliest for student wallets, but the view from this bar is everything. They also make some great finger food and again deserts among their nice happy hour deals we enjoyed on special occasions. So here’s to New Years eve ๐Ÿ˜›

llaollao – Midvalley Mega Mall: Team ice cream or frozen yoghurt? I was neither until I stumbled upon llaollao a frozen yoghurt shop and my life was never the same. They don’t have different flavours or the most variety in topics but I love them. The best combination is to get three toppings, something saucy, something crunchy and something fresh. My absolute favourite combination is dark chocolate sauce, cookie crumble or walnuts and either strawberries or kiwi. If I have an obsession with deserts then it’s frozen yoghurt! So here’s to the chocolate moustaches.

Jaslyn Cakes – Bangsar Village: There are a few more places I could count up but I have decided on this little cafe. We came across Jaslyn Cakes through my best friends mom again, who I am very grateful for to have blessed my life with many great discoveries! This place has a special place in my heart because it was our coffee time cafe. We would get some cakes to share and a coffee alongside it. Then the following hours we spent gushing about life and all its beauty! So here’s to the many great ideas born during coffee time.

Some of these places aren’t the most local or special places you can find in Kuala Lumpur, but as they were the places around where my best friends and I lived many great memories are connected to them for me. I know I will probably not have the chance to go visit this cool place anytime soon, but someday I will go back and the places mentioned above will be the first stop on my itinerary!