11:11 – you had wished for a coffee, iced and I to be your company alongside it. A date. Our first date. Black wavy hair, hazel eyes, defined jaw and that green sweatshirt. You wore it that day too. I had spilled coffee all over it. There had been a dent in the floor and balance was never really my friend to begin with. I had been so embarrassed, but you just dried it off with a tissue. You couldn’t stop talking and I couldn’t stop listening. We were laughing like the people around us now. I wish we could go back to all those memories we shared not so long ago.

Quiet. You had asked, if I wanted coffee, I had said no but now I wish I had a reason to break the silence. Silent, that is what it was! Around us, happy chatty people. You were hunched over, playing with your hands beneath the table. I was biting my nails. Neither said a word.

11:11 – ‘I’m sorry’, you didn’t even lift your head. Yeah me too I thought. Goodbye, you said. This time I was the one who didn’t look at you.

11:11 – Maybe the next time I’ll wish for a good day instead.