E4: Roadtrip to Alicante

I’m going to tell you a little story about our road trip weekend to Alicante last year. But before I beginn here are the group participants: Simi(cliche Italian but absolute sweetheart and also the birthday kid), Fiona(the absolutely needed mom of the group), Adam(the youngest one of the group; the troublemaker you needed to keep an eye on otherwise you had a lost-kid-in-the-supermarket-kind-of-situation), Toni(Party animal of the group), Fabienne(The co-Mom of the group) and me 🙂

This story begins on a Friday. For Simi’s birthday the jumbled up group of friends we were, decided to head down to Alicante for the weekend, rent an airbnb and get a bit boozed. Just enjoy our time, you know. On Friday, we met at the train station to pick up the car. Everyone was early with their small backpacks, ready for the adventure ahead of us. Simi, the driver, late as per usual, arrived with a suitcase so big, he looked like he was moving across the country. Did anyone forget to tell him we we’re only gone for four days?

After a bit of a rocky start, they had talked us into getting the most expensive insurance for the car due to which the phrase “Egal, wir sind ja versichert” was born followed by a lot of stupid actions, proceeded by us not finding our way out of the parking lot, and if that wasn’t enough everything was followed by us barley finding the highway to Alicante all leaving Simi raging by the time we made it halfway out of the city. Quite amusing to watch from the back middle seat, which is where I was sitting. Besides that though the journey was bomb! The views, holy cannoli!! We even took a pit stop in Benidorm by accident, which ended up being the best thing as it just happened to be time for sunset.
If all the trouble we had gone through at the beginning wasn’t enough, then in Alicante things continued. We couldn’t find our Airbnb at first and afterwards no parking and then the airbnb-dude didn’t answer the phone anymore, aghhh. It ended up being all good though, found the Airbnb and geez Luise it was so cool! We had a pool table and everything, heating and unlimited hot water we also found these straw hats, that we ended up wearing to the supermarket and probably looked like your typical young people party group that you didn’t want around. Didn’t stop us from having any less fun though. For dinner we made pizza and then we started playing drinking games, two of us didn’t drink at all, two of us were smashed and I was somewhere in between. We chilled, played pool, laughed, did stupid shit and around midnight we went to bed.

Ever heard of Pizza for breakfast? At 8 am sharp the two morning people of the group woke up and prepared breakfast for everyone, of course I was one of them. “Foods ready!” With a slight hangover at 9am the last one also lifted his head from the pillow and joined the rest at the properly decked table. With Eggs, bacon, toast, pizza and coffee we were well stacked and after our tummies had been filled we were all ready for a day of exploring, followed by of course a night out. Just t-shirt and jacket or maybe also a sweater? The wardrobe is a difficult thing around this time of the year. Last one dressed, door closed, keys stashed and en route to…”uhm guys so what’s the plan?” That was a good question and would soon too become the sentence of the day. We didn’t really have a plan “uhm old town? Yeah let’s walk towards the old town.” We let the first person ahead guid us like a leader, “where do we even need to go?”, maybe not the best idea, google maps it is.

Aimlessly we wandered towards the old town, “guys look there’s the market…I think”. It was. Looks like we found our first destination. The market building wasn’t as gorgeous as the one in Valencia but we all agreed that the selection of food was better. Lots of exotic fruits and vegetables stacked on top of each other, in all the colors of the rainbow. Meat and fish as far as our eyes could see and eggs from chickens, ducks and even Ostriches?!?? The market was definitely something. Next up? Well we didn’t really know…towards the ocean through the old town seemed like the plan. “Whoa look how pretty it is”, another sentence that would soon become an often repeated one. Along a row of palm trees and shops we wandered down the road towards the Harbour front. “Guys there’s a theme park!” Without waiting for a reply he ran off. Well there he went our little troublemaker. Bouncing castles, go kart, carousels our inner children were buzzing. “Anyone have another two euros???” At a PhotoBooth we took some pictures, old school black and white. The booth was so small that not even all five of us could fit and so our faces were squished together all around the corners. We looked a bit like squished squirrels, which made us laugh even harder. Today was already going really well.
Along the promenade we wandered towards the beach. This city is charming in quite the different way with a mix of old and modern looking building to one side and the ocean on the other.

Time called for a coffee break. Kein Bier vor vier? Ah it’s Four somewhere in the world. Coffee, beer, Fanta, water, few rounds of bullshit and we were energy stacked again. Here the group split up for a bit, some of us won and lost 10€ in the casino and the other three wandered off and found a peer from where you had a pretty dope few of the entire city, oh and the castle we can’t forget how majestic the castle looked on top of the hill.
Reunited, at the beach the first real problem of the day occurred “what are we doing for lunch?” I am going to spare you the time we needed to decide. Long story shirt, we eventually decided on some tapas.

Tummies filled and the last member of the crew picked up from the train station at 3pm, we were now complete and back on track towards the castle. Our only planned destination of the day, might I add. Therefore the highlight for the day. Too lazy to walk, we paid 2,70€ for a short elevator ride up to the castle. With its mad views we were all reminded again of how gorgeous this beautiful country is.
When the sun started setting with a bit of a detour we ended up back in our Airbnb. All of us tired and some a bit cold because not all of us were dressed appropriately for the weather, we ended up cuddling up beneath the warm blankets. Burgers for dinner called for a run to the grocery store, this time without our fancy hats. With it only being half the group this time, we were a lot quicker and not too long after, the burger patties were sizzling away in the pan.
Dinner, desert, pool table, piano, games and more – well long story short at 10pm we decided that none of us were in the mood to go out anymore and so the “party” started at home.

When the night still had been young, we all had these glorious plans of going out that night to a party Toni had organised free tickets to. Well the night was pretty anticlimactic really. At around 23:00 we all decided we weren’t in the mood to go out anymore. There was not a single alcoholic drink consumed that night, very rare in this group. Pyjamas were put on followed by a few games of pool, Netflix, tapping around on the piano. As the night progressed things got a little funnier for some of us. Simi kept strolling to the kitchen and every time he would come back, he had some new item of food in his hand. First it was ham, then cheese, bread, cereal, then cereal with cheese, milk, chocolate, sandwich, an empty bowl.
Around midnight we all squished together on our couch and first watched phineas and pherb, which we soon came to realize isn’t as good as it was when we were really young, letting us to ‘why him?’ instead. Half the group fell asleep and around 1:30am we all went to bed so as I said very anticlimactic.

Who would have thought, that the group of friends, who usually spend half their weekend in clubs, didn’t end up going out at all? We sure didn’t. Our Sunday was even less spectacular, as we spent it all at home. We baked brownies and spent the afternoon on our couch playing games and watching Netflix. The only exciting thing to add here was maybe the little incident Toni and I had, causing the kitchen almost to burn down completely. Our brownies also left us with quite the munchies. By the morning our cupboard’s goods had been distributed among our bellies. Breakfast at McDonalds it was. Is it really a road trip though, if you didn’t end up eating breakfast at McDonalds at least once? I didn’t think so.

By around 3pm on the Monday, we had returned safely to Valencia, where we went our separate ways and met up again for our usual coffee break the following day at Tim’s playing several rounds of bullshit, just with a few more memorise to add to our book.

So yeah, here we are, at the end of the story. It wasn’t the most spectacular story of them all I admit, but every story should be told nevertheless. A story told is just a repetition of words and actions from the past, but once those words and actions were lived and growth in form of friendship and laughter were won from them.