I'm stuck at home and went down on Spotify

Wow, it has only been a week. I think eight days. Everything is weird. The world is in a weird place. We have cues to grocery stores, closed restaurants and cafes, a hand sanitiser and toilette paper shortages, almost no people on the streets anymore and a bunch of face masks walking around the train stations. We are actually living a pandemic movie today. Doesn’t it feel like that? I mean they do tell us to stay at home unless we really need to leave the house for groceries or doctor appointments. This week, that is exactly what I intended – no not intended, it was exactly what I did.

Friday a week ago, we got the news that uni was closing and as of that afternoon, we were on “holiday”. Since then, a lot of things have happened. The first two days I slept. The following two days I enjoyed my relaxing days with board and card games. Then after that slowly it started sinking in, that we were probably going to be stuck here for a while. We were already starting to loose our minds – my friend and I aren’t very good at doing nothing. We live in a now almost empty student housing, where you have to get creative not to loose your mind. Especially, if what you do is stay in your dorm for most of the day. We started making plans, study plans, workout plans and for about three days we actually stuck to it. And then day four came around and all we have done for the past days was actually self-isolate and live of the internet. It was during that moment, I fell down a long path on Spotify.

Which brings us to today! I have a few new obsession of songs and artists I found over the past few days, that I have been listening to over and over again, and today..dundundundaaa I am sharing them with you, so that you too can have these songs stuck in your head like me 🙂 You’re welcome!

Here they are, enjoy 🙂

Balthazar has been my latest obsession! I just love his work!!