E3: Hard at Work

Hi there 🙂

This is going to be a short one. Remember when previously I told you about the crazy times I had during my first month here in Valencia, the tricycle to bicycle to Einrad story? Yeah well here we are, just me left in Valencia. Well, obviously not alone but you get the drill. A week after I came back from Madrid, I started my internship at the reception in a hotel. Nothing like I have ever done before. And not only that but I was also working in a five star hotel. A month after arriving in Valencia, with no previous experience in either the language of Spanish or at a reception let alone in a five star hotel, I am not going lie, I felt very nervous walking through the door on my first day, where I was greeted with a big smile by the revenue manager. The first weeks I spent standing next to the receptionist soaking up any information I could learn to make my job good. Whenever I could I tried to be as helpful with clients, calls or whatever it was they needed me to do. I felt a certain pressure having to be extra helpful with everything I could do in the languages I spoke, as my Spanish level was too low to be useful. This pressure was put on mainly by myself as per usual, of course what’s new but I felt especially useless(hard term yes but accurate), when there was a mountain of guest standing around the reception all wanting something and me not being able to explain them what they needed to know because I didn’t speak the language well enough. I felt sorry for my co-workers, as technically I was there to help and yet I wasn’t able to.

Thankfully most of our guests were english speaking during the busier months and so I could help out a lot more compared to the end of my internship. Although the work was repetitive, it never got boring. I enjoyed explaining the map to our clients, answering their questions, writing the same emails over and over again, filing reservations in our system and covering the entire reception every shift for 30 minutes, when the actual receptionist went for lunch or dinner. I loved just being there, whether it was in the back office or standing behind the receptionist, watching them work or listening to my co-workers chit chat about this and that. I found each of them interesting and had I been more comfortable in the Spanish language, I surely would have not stopped asking questions. Although I was quiet a lot and couldn’t really join most of the conversations they had, I surprisingly knew what they were talking about most of the time and actually understood them quite well. Not word for word, but the overall context. As soon as they started talking to me though, my brain went Southside and I could neither answer nor understand them, which was frustrating to be quite frankly honest. Gotta love my brain!

Over time things settled down a little bit and the pressure had gone a bit. Next to all the crazy night outs I had during this time with the coolest and messiest group of people I had met after everyone I knew left, a time I will defiantly never forget, I loved coming to work. Depending on with whom I worked even more so. Thanks to someone *cough cough* I not only never had to be worried on my night outs, but also thanks to this special someone and the midnight scarf rescue mission I have my precious scarf again, that my dumb ass ended up forgetting in the first place! Thank you for all great and fun times, thank you for listening to my side of many stories and thank you for sharing yours, and thank you also for the heart attack you gave me when you told me the Tenerife story, like duuuuude, haha. Thank you for all the jokes and laughter. Working with you was always super enjoyable and fun and I already miss it! Lots of love, take care and whenever you feel like having breakfast again somewhere other than in Rome, just know you are always welcome!

Five very fast months later, here I am on my way home, with one night left in the beautiful city of Valencia I have known to love and will be missing a lot. I am very grateful for all the things I got to experience and learn over the past 6 months and I am forever grateful for the amazing people I got to meet and enjoy this time with. It hasn’t fully sunken in yet, that tomorrow I am leaving, but one thing I know for sure, Valencia you will be missed. Until we meet again, bye bye for now.