E2: 100€ Trip to Madrid

Sometimes throwing away all doubts and concerns and being spontaneous is the best thing you can do. The bicycle gang was sitting in their favourite ice cream shop Friday afternoon, a day before Kati would leave Juliette for Madrid. The idea had been born earlier in the morning by accident and since then the decision ate Juliette up from the inside. Moaning, “Agh why must you go?”, “I don’t want to leave!”, ” I wish I could come with you”, at each other for week, one day Katis responded “Why don’t you.”. Both our eyes lit up and a movie started playing right before our eyes, “Imagine!”. That day, that moment had been that morning and now the decision of wether to actually ride off to Madrid for a bit didn’t leave my mind. Kati strategically talked in on Juliette during the entire day, which didn’t make the choice easier. When we found train tickets for 30€ and Katis hostel had another bed available for 50€ for three nights, the sum being just enough for me to pay it from the 100€ left on my card, we decided it had to be faith and the preparation began.

5am wake up call. 6am walk to the Train station. 6.45am en route to Madrid. Two bags full of snacks, an 8 hour journey, two happy sleepy campers and the sunrise later with two asleep butt cheeks each, we finally arrived in Madrid. Through the city we marched in the summer heat, ready to finally arrive at our hostel and change into shorts. Not long after we headed out for a bit and we got our first impression of Madrid. Massive. Full. BUT exciting! We walked around the sort of hipster corner (I don’t exactly know where we went, as my second hand aka Kati pretty much knew her way around and I merely followed). Unfortunately perfectly our arriving aligned with siesta timing and so a lot of the thrift stores were sadly closed, which left us no choice but to sit down and have pizza and a cold beer at 4.30pm. Nothing to complain about here though.

First full day. The early risers we are, we had to wait quite a bit before anything opened and we could have breakfast. While the world was still sleeping, we walked around the city in the early hours of the day, enjoying the quiet. At 9am, finally, we found an open little cafe, where you could personalise your own avocado on toast. Best little discovery, I am telling you that! From here onwards we planned out a little route, or better said Kati planned out a little route, I followed. Over the course of the day we wandered from point a to b to c, just enjoying the big city and its beautiful architecture. On our little wandering we came across a still running old style cinema/theatre, the biggest flea market in Madrid, another Spanish version of the l’arc de triumph (;P), many many talented street performers and we even found lidl(boring to some, but lidl and the bicycle gang go a long way), where we bought our lunch that we took to the park and enjoyed beneath the trees. From here we ended on the busy shopping corner of Madrid, where we released our inner shoppers and proudly didn’t spend any money besides frozen yoghurt. For dinner we tried out a tapas bar close to our hostel, as our feet were hurting a bit and the evening we spent in the hostel lobby watching 10’000 calorie challenges and shazaming their dope music.

Departure day. Staying in a hostel dorm with 6 other people, you know the drill. There is always someone, who doesn’t have the feeling for others. Well at 4am, one of the girls turns on all the lights of the room. Just beautiful. As Kati and I both slept on the top bunk beds, right beneath the lights, you bet we didn’t sleep through that! Unlike Kati though, I just put my pillow over my head and turned around. A few hours later, I woke up again to a grumpy moody sleep deprived Kati. So at 8am we left the hostel to look for something that could cheer her up. And you know what they say love goes through the stomach. In a little back alley, almost invisible we found a tiny cafe that just opened, with the coolest baristas covered in tattoos and proudly wearing their hipster beards. An avocado on toast and coffee later, the spirits were on better terms and after a trip to her favourite store, they were almost back to normal.

At 12.00 we walked back to the hostel, I got my bags and headed for the train station, where Juliette had to say goodbye to Kati. Another 7 hours back to Valencia and the bicycle officially turned to an Einrad.