Pumpkins and Coffee in November | Bullet Journal

Not the biggest fan of the black boarder, but I quite frankly went into this without any idea of what I wanted to create, so we had to roll with it.

Oh how long has it been since I last rushed my fancy shmancy pens through my journal and actually sat down to plan ahead the coming month?!? Too flipping long. I don’t know what has gotten into me, but it almost seems like the flue that pinned me down to my bed for a good 3 days, has flushed out a few more things than just toxins 😛 If you don’t get what I am trying to say here that is alright, I am basically saying I feel fresh and newly inspired to create and as corny as it sounds I am ready to get back into the zone 🙂

Wowzi what a deep start to such a simple post, huh? Well anyway, long story short I journaled again for the first time in months and now I am really excited for next month to do all of it again. Can you believe it, we’re only one month away from Christmas?!?

Now, since I am currently abroad, I did not have all my supplies with me and so the theme options became quite limited actually. I didn’t bring a lot of colours to begin with and neither did I have my decorative tapes or pictures to stick into the journal, like I forgot to bring the colour green(?!?) and you won’t believe it, but I actually also forgot to pack a pencil?? Why? I literally brought six different fine liners and whatnot but a simple pencil, now of that she didn’t think. Good job. Besides the lack of materials, I also had absolute no idea what I wanted to do with this months theme. I am making this all sound quite dramatic, it really wasn’t, but it was a bit of a process before we started rolling. The real problem was just the cover page, which to be quite honest I am the least happy with because of its black boarder, but hey today we’re just rolling with it, I had redone it in two completely different styles before having settled on this design that then inspired the rest.

I am focusing on three to four goals per week

The theme this month, pumpkins and Coffee. Not so much leaves, as here in Spain I haven’t actually seen many of the trees change colour at all yet, but there are lots of pumpkins around and as the weather has been getting just a tad bit colder, leaving the warm covers in the morning has become harder and so coffee is becoming part of our WG-Morning-Ritual. (To explain this, we’re just two in our apartment of five who actually drink coffee and we recently found and old coffee kettle maker left behind by previous tenants, which we might have gotten a little too excited about because before that we just always talked about how much we liked coffee and how we will eventually need to buy a coffee machine 😛 yeah that was the little anti-climactic story of why pumpkin and coffee has been this months choice – I might have had coffee before this and I am defiantly feeeeeling iiit!).

What do you see in a cup of coffee?
sometimes all you gotta do is shut off the mind a throw up the words you have swimming around up there.
Besides the coffee and the pumpkins I added those plant stems at the bottom of my pages to lock the theme together and make it cohesive.

Overall I like it. I like my misshaped pumpkins and floppy leaves and black coffee mugs from above (also didn’t bring the colour brown). I liked the combination of the orange, bronze and tan with the black. I wish I wouldn’t have added red though and also the black border on the cover page bothers me a lot, but other than that we’re good. I haven’t added any special pages to the layout besides the brain dump page, which you guys should know by now and oh, I actually am trying out a habit tracker this month. There’s a few things I just want to focus on improving a little and who knows maybe having it listed all in front of me will help me actually achieve it. I am starting work again alongside my internship next week, so I am keeping it simple but creative this month. I want to try and have three bigger goals per week and actually achieve them. Overall I think the way I layout the spreads, it gives me space for creative thought but I can also pin down things I actually need to get done this month. That having said, I am going to stop rambling and let you enjoy the little bit of art I had the energy to create during the last few days. Take care 🙂 See you next time & Happy Halloween.