Surf’s Up |The beginning of an Adventure + Packing List

At the beginning of this year I wrote a bucket list. I have smaller, bigger, easier and more crazy things written down on that list. I write a lot of lists and I am a big dreamer – what can I say -, but unfortunately a lot of the times I don’t to go after the things I want or I am plain up too scared or lazy to do so. When I wrote this wish down at the beginning of the year, I didn’t actually think I was going to go on this adventure so soon, or at all this year. If I’m honest I thought it would forever stay a vivid dream of mine, only to be lived in my mind, but then I found something and now I have a ticket heading for Bali tomorrow morning at 10am! Guys, I am going to learn how to surf!!!

I have never surfed in my life before. Heck, I haven’t even touched a surfboard before, let alone stood on one!! For a while now I’ve been following a few Instagramers and Youtubers, who surf or live in tropical places like Hawaii and show off their surfing skill and lifestyle around it. Something about the whole aesthetic and – I don’t like using this term -, but I guess the whole vibe around this surfing lifestyle and aesthetic really made me want to try it out.

Now as I said, I have never stood on a surf board before, so I am in need of proper assistance. On my long search on the inter-web, I have stumbled upon something great, surf camps. Not only do they include surfing lessons from proper instructors, but you also have all-inclusive packages that come with these surf camps. I was shook! I could learn how to surf, not have to worry about accommodations or food and be around people without having to try finding a group in a setting that would make me super uncomfortable! What more could I have asked for? It was like a blessing! By the way, they have surf camps all over the world, even in Norway?! I have to admit, I was tempted to go to Costa Rica, but that would have just tipped the money bucket a little too much, so I opted for Bali instead. Not bad second option, if you ask me šŸ™‚ So tomorrow morning I am leaving for Bali to learn how to surf and hopefully – fingers-crossed – get a bit of a tan! I am very excited!

As this is such a “big” thing for me, I’ve decided to document this trip, by showing you guys what I pack, what I do, what I eat, my experiences and so forth. Today, we’re preparing for tomorrow.

My Packing List:

Now that we are all packed up, let’s prepare for our flight, shall we? Depending on when my flight leaves, I like to do the following steps a day before, as I find I usually am more relaxed than on the day off.

Preparing for a flight

I have flown around the globe a lot in my short life and I think the most annoying thing of flying is when you feel disgusting, hungry, thirsty, bloated and tired. In order to not have any of the mentioned issues tomorrow here is what I am going to do today to feel my absolute best tomorrow morning!


I’m sure everyone has different foods that make them feel bloated. For me I know that wheat and dairy always make me bloat a ton and also give me a really bad stomach ache. For that reason I usually avoid them in my day to day life anyway, but in order to feel good tomorrow I am making sure to eat neither of them for at least 24h before. Instead I fill up on a ton of light foods like vegetable and fruit! On top of that I make sure to drink a bunch of water, around three litres to be exact. If I drink less than that, I will feel gross and dried up like a raisin, that is why I drink 3 litres. You can drink less or more of course!

I also like running on the day or the day before a flight, as it makes the blood flow better and just makes me feel relaxed and calm. Besides, running helps get things flowing, if you’re a little bloated šŸ™‚ Stretching is a also good alternative.


What’s worse than smelling on a flight? Bad food? Yeah let me come back to that in a moment, but first, who likes smelly people on flights? No one.

I make sure to thoroughly wash myself before a flight because I can. I usually pamper myself even more by doing a face and hair mask, have a proper shave, exfoliate and then drown my skin in moisturiser afterwards! And while my hair dries, I like catching up on my nail care. I find, if they don’t look properly groomed and I have to look at them for the next however many hours, it annoys the hell out of myself and then I start picking on them, which makes them look even worse. So this step is important to me.

To some people this might seem unnecessary but I personally know that, this way I feel super clean and good about myself when I head on my trip. And that what’s important!


First of all, bring an empty water bottle for your flight, that way security won’t take it. I find that bringing my own water bottle also makes me drink more water, than if I buy one at the airport. And we all know, hydration is never always good.

As for snacks. I am personally not the biggest snacker, so I can easily go through a flight without eating. For longer flights though, I like bringing some food, as I don’t always like airport or plane food. Things I like bringing are nuts and dried fruit, a personal favourite is walnuts and raisins, or protein/muesli bars, fresh fruit like oranges and apples make good snack, carrots and cucumbers, with a side of hummus or peanut butter and you’ve got yourself an easy snack that tastes better, is cheaper and healthier for you!

It takes almost no time to prepare any of them and they taste better than airport food!


This technically has nothing really to do with the flight, but I’m a little bit of a clean freak (a very minor one) and so I just personally feel better, fresher and more relaxed when I leave a clean nest behind. That doesn’t mean I deep clean my place every time I leave for a trip I like to tidy up the obvious, so making the bed, cleaning the kitchen, the dining table & living room area, you know the obvious areas. Trust me on this, you’ll feel better leaving home and coming back home, when it’s somewhat tidy!

I think we’re pretty much prepared for our trip now. I feel fresh, clean and prepared for tomorrow, so for the rest of tonight, I am going to watch a movie and then head to bed quite early to be fully refreshed in the morning. That is what I do before leaving on a trip, what you do? Any tips you might like sharing with me? Let me know down below! Take care and I’ll keep you updated on my little adventure!