Fresh / May Bullet Journal

Clean, bright, fresh

This months idea. A fresh, clean, bright and white design.

Well hello there, welcome back. Isn’t it unbelievable how another month just ended? Seriously, where does the time go? But you know what that means, a new bullet journal layout!

This month I was really thinking about what I wanted to do with my design. I knew I wanted something fresh and light, something classy and elegant and obviously practical. First I was thinking about something fresh like a light blue or green. Then on my little trip to Pinterest heaven, I came across a white, almost angelic aesthetic. I loved how bright and clean all the imagines looked so much, that I’ve decided to make it my May design. And that is, ladies and gentlemen, how I found the inspiration for this months theme.

May there be a fresh beginning, see what I did there 😛
simple and almost clean

After selecting a few images and quotes matching to my theme, I sat down right away to design this months layout. Here’s what I did, firstly I gave my cover page two pages. Generally you will see that I let myself have a lot of extra space on all of the pages, as I found that it fit with the theme. I think white really makes a space or a page seem bigger than it is, so I wanted to exaggerate that feeling a little on my smaller pages. So back to what I did, two pages for my cover page, Title on the left and a little monthly overview on the right, bedazzled with very view doodles. Then I followed up with the actual monthly overview, where I track all my events, goals, challenges and whatnots. Again like in the previous two months I wanted to give myself the option of having a brain dump page. I reduced it down to one page though and portrayed week one on the right. Overall the layout is kept simple and I am sticking to three colours (black, beige and a yellow white colour). At the bottom I added a little packing list because I will be going on an exciting trip the following week. Therefore, for week two I will have a collage and diary like entry, as I’m on holiday.

in the clouds
what else should I do before i leave for uni?

Now, as much as May will be a fresh start for me with lots of fun things happening soon, it will also be the last month I am living at home before I move to Switzerland for good. There are a few things I wanted to do again before I left, and in order to not forget anything I made a little “bucket” list. My little list is then followed by another weekly spread, again super simple and clean, with no doodles. Now remember I had pictures printed out for this spread. Well I haven’t really used any of them until now. The next two weekly spreads were still kept simple, but I decorated the pages with pictures. Right now all the pages are still looking very empty, but obviously all of those will fill up as I add content to them.

Because I left so much space for all the spreads and May has 31 days, I ended up having to put may 31st on a new page all by itself. Yeah well that happens, when one doesn’t count properly 🙂 yay me. But that won’t stop me. As I had a few more pictures left, I placed them together for a little collage on the right side and below my last day, I am giving myself 1/2 a page to be creative. As a headline I wrote ‘Another month is Over’, which will act as my inspiration/guideline for whatever i will create down below.

this is when I forgot I printed pictures, whoops
And just like that another month has passed.

And yes, that is it. Simple, bright, clean and fresh, just like I wanted it to be. Here’s to fresh beginnings!