I Dressed Out of my Comfort Zone for A Week

Here’s the thing, I love fashion. I love how you can express yourself by playing around with different fabrics and patterns, I love the creative process that goes into the whole styling, and I love the feeling of knowing I look good. Sadly, a lot of these outfit choices and creative inputs never make it past my front door. This week we’re changing that. I will be wearing everything I usually end up being too insecure about this week. That means:

  • tight clothing
  • cropped clothing
  • patterned clothing
  • light coloured clothing
  • leather

For this challenge, I have incorporated exactly those 5 elements into five very different outfits, that I would normally not wear on the regular outside of the house. For the sake of my wallets health, I also did not go out and purchase anything new, I merely used things I already had lying around. I found that to be really helpful actually, because not only was I stepping out of my comfort zone, but I was also playing around with new ideas with items already owned by me.

Outfit One: “Edgy-ish”

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Day one of this weeks challenge. I could have probably started off light but what’s fun about that hey. I have always been very conscience of my body and generally avoid tight clothing. Recently, I bought this checkered tight fitting dress, which has pockets 🙂 I’ve wanted to wear it out on several occasions but always ended up switching to a different outfit in the end. Not today I am.

The dress paired with the shoes actually made me feel quite powerful. I was only remotely uncomfortable. Every once in a while I noticed myself sucking my stomach in, even when I was at home.

Today I had no plans, but I did want to go out of the house, so I went to the grocery store. Probably not the best choice, as I did get a lot of looks. To be fair this not exactly something you’d see at the grocery store. I was pretty uncomfortable, constantly pulling down my dress and looking around to see if anyone was looking at me. Yeah, this is going to need a few more tries before I will be comfortable.

Outfit Two: “The All White”

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I really never thought I could pull off this look. Usually I avoid the colour white altogether because I feel like it makes me look “bigger”. You can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I saw myself in the mirror and my first reaction wasn’t ‘yeah no’. I actually felt quite sophisticated. There is something really elegant about the colour white.

Confidence wise I had no problem all day. In the morning I went to my french class and later to the city for some errands. In neither scenarios did I ever feel uncomfortable or weird. Quite the contrary actually. I really had no need for this colour to be out side of my comfort zone and shocker I think I’ll wear it again. :p

Outfit Three: “The Kim-Possible-Cropped-Wanna-be Outfit”

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I call this the Kim-Possible-Cropped-Wanna-be Outfit, as the colours are completely wrong but the pants and style of outfit still slightly remind me of Kim Possible. The challenge with this outfit is actually the entire ensemble. I usually neither wear cropped shirts nor cargo pants. There were several things I was uncomfortable with in todays choice. For one the fact that my stomach was showing, that my pants were loose-ish at the bottom but tight fitting around the butt, which is one of my insecurity areas, and also the colours. Blue just isn’t my colour. To go out in this outfit did take quite an intense pep talk beforehand.

What I realised though was that by feeling so insecure and uncomfortable in this outfit, it meant I still had a lot of self-love practise to do. It also made me more aware of my body and that although I wasn’t the biggest fan of this outfit it didn’t look awful actually. I guess my brain just likes to exaggerate. In regards of comfort, I definitely have some work to do!

Outfit Four: “Statement Print”

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As I am working on this project and inserting all the photos, I am beginning to realise that I need some work on my posing. Especially the variety.

Anyway for day four the theme was animal print. I have two things in my closet that are animal print, this shirt and a scarf. As it’s 30C degrees where I live, that wasn’t really an option. In my opinion this shirt only really looks good with black. I tried with white and denim but both didn’t really wow me. I actually really liked todays outfit. I felt kind of badass 🙂 not really sure why, but nothing could intimidate me. When I was walking around, I almost felt proud, which is an odd thing to say really…

Outfit Five: “Leather”

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Last Day and today we’re wearing leather! Last autumn leather skirts were really a thing and I actually really liked the style too. I especially liked those leather skirts with zipper detailing, but somehow I couldn’t find one of those anywhere. I did though find a leather skirt, which I bought more or less for the sake of having a leather skirt rather than me really liking it. I know not what you should do, but that’s what I did. It isn’t that I don’t like it, the only problem is the length and fit on me. In order for it to look good on my body I need to pull it up all the way to my waist. My waist is so much smaller the than my hips that I need to wear a belt, that though results in the fabric being all circled up around the belt…is this making any sense to you? Long story short, I am struggling with this skirt.

If I’m being completely honest, this outfit is not really ideal for what I have planned today. I am going to the cinema with my friend and well cinemas here are freezing! I found a cropped long sleeve shirt lying around and figured I would go for an all black outfit. I’m not sure what why I never thought of that before..

The actual outfit didn’t bother me, the skirt did. As I was walking around the mall it kept slipping up. According my friend the outfit looked okay, but wasn’t her favourite thing I’ve worn before. I am saying to you, that is just a bad skirt!

Overall experience

Either my styling sucks or my clothes, either way looking back on my outfits, I am not really thrilled on any of them. Personally I am not sure what outcome I was expecting for this challenge, maybe inspiration, more confidence? I am neither. All that happened was for me to once again realise that I am quite insecure with certain parts of my body. It’s bit frustrating that I am looking back on this and being insecure on how I looked, but on the actual day I was doing okay. Yes I was uncomfortable in some of these outfits and I will probably style them differently next time or wear them only on certain occasions, but as I am writing these words it makes me sad that I although I generally am quite confident in myself, clearly overall I am very insecure about my body. It makes me sad that although I shouldn’t care what people think, I do. Most importantly it makes me sad that I am holding myself back because of other peoples potential opinions. I used the term potential because the entire week not a single person came up to me and told me I looked bad or I shouldn’t wear what I wore and yet still in my mind constantly I had these negative comments on what I was wearing, making me feel more insecure.

On a more positive note though, maybe it wasn’t so bad for me to realise the previous as I know exactly what to work on. Maybe it will be good for me to do a self love challenge next, what do you think?