Part two: Living Like Casey Neistat

You won’t believe what time it is right now! And the fact that I am awake and working – on this in fact. I’d be lying, if I said that I am awake on my own terms, no truth is, I had to drive my brother somewhere at 3am this morning and since I am now back at 4:12am exact, I thought it would be the perfect time to restart this challenge. So here goes nothing.

Now if you read part one, you’ll know that I completely failed this challenge first time around, but that is a-okay. When you fall down 7 times then get up 8, right? Let me give you an overall update on my current situation. So last time I was still very much in a rut, not in a routine and more or less pretty unproductive. Speaking for myself as of today, I can proudly say that for the past 1-2 weeks, I’ve been quite active and semi-productive, which I am quite proud of actually 🙂 So in comparison to last time, we’re starting off on an a lot more stable me. I’ve decided to also cut down this challenge to only 7 days. I figured that this would be a good starting point and might overwhelm me less than knowing I have to wake up at 4am for two weeks.

For those of you who are new here, this is Casey’s routine I will be following for the next two week. Or at least attempt to, hehe.


– Wake up between 4-5am

– 5-7am – work

– 7-7:30 – breakfast with Francine

– 8am – 9:45 – run & get ready for day

– 10am-6pm – work

– 6-10pm – family time

– 10-11pm – gym

– 11pm – sleep

Tuesday, 19th of March: Day 1

Technically I woke up at 3am today and not 4am, but nevertheless I am awake and being productive. This is actually further than I’ve come last time to succeeding this challenge. Let’s hope it’ll stay like that 🙂 Now Casey eats breakfast at 7:00-7:30am, shortly before his run. I, on the other hand am going to postpone that to sooner, because my stomach takes roughly 2 hours to digest food and I preferably would like not to throw up thank you. Therefore, instead of eating breakfast at 7am and later dying during my workout, I will eat around 6 am.

It’s been a few hours and well…I kinda passed out cold. When I got home, I was very productive, ate breakfast and then full on passed out at 7-ish o’clock, hehe. I didn’t wake up before 10am..well there goes my good start, haha. It is now close to 12 o’clock in the afternoon and I still very much want to get that run in today, so I will probably get busy now and then head out for a run in 1-2 hours or so.

My workout had been on my mind all day, but I just couldn’t make myself go to the gym and just get it over with. I literally did everything else, except head out to the gym. By 8:30pm it finally happened, I got up, headed out the door and to the gym. It’s not even that I can complain of my gym being too far away, as I use our apartment gym, which is just 6 floors down. Embarrassing I know. Eventually, I ended up going on that run that night and boy did it feel great!

Wednesday, 20th of March: Day 2

This time around, I thought I’d outsmart the system of sleep. You know how some people have it easier waking up on full hours like 4:00, where as some people find it easier to wake up during the half hours, like 4:30. I for example can wake up around 7:30am and I’ll be full of energy, but waking up at 8:00 makes me feel sluggish and tired. I thought I’d give it a try for this challenge too. So instead of waking up at 4:00, I set my alarm at 4:30… And would you look at that, I actually did wake up and hit the snooze button only once! It isn’t even 6:30am yet and I have cleaned my room, changed the sheets, cleaned our living area, did some laundry, fed the cat and wrote an article. The last time I was this productive at this time, was about a year ago. I feel great, I think I can get used to being this productive!

Now something I am noticing is that, this challenge is a lot easier, when you work from home and therefore actually have something proper to do. I work a seasonal job and only every other weekend, and therefore I am home most of the time, but that leaves me with a lot of hours in the day not really knowing what to do with myself. I read, I write, I daydream, I watch series and movies, that is pretty much all I do at the moment. And no, I am not just lazy, I am “waiting” for university course to start. So yeah, my biggest struggle at the moment isn’t the waking up part, but the fact that I don’t know what to do all day. What do you guys do? I could really use some suggestions.

Thursday, 21st of March: Day 3

Alright, where do I start. Uhm…well *cough* I didn’t wake up at 4am. I slept right through my 2 alarms this morning…yeah, it happened. Then coming, *cough*, I also didn’t go on that run. In fact I didn’t work out at all today. I went to my french class in the morning and then drove into the city to run some errands. By the time I came back it was around 3pm and I hadn’t eaten all day. I made myself some dinner, watched the newest episode of Riverdale…and well then I got lost in Netflix all together.

I wasn’t entirely lazy though. I actually finished the very first chapter of the book I am writing! 🙂

Friday, 22nd of March: Day 4

Ok, yesterday was not entirely my fault for not waking up at 4am, but today I deliberately “chose” to press that snooze button about 50 times. I just couldn’t get out of bed. Maybe I shouldn’t sleep in cozy hoodies during this challenge.

It’s now almost Lunch time and I digitalised chapter one for my book, cleaned a bit and planned out my entire week. I have to say, I am so much more productive this time around than last attempt at this challenge. The only thing I am struggling with is the workout part. I am working out but I have been skipping either the run or the gym most days. I think for the next 4 days, that’ll be my focus.

Saturday, 23rd of March: Day 5

The past days when I completed my run, it usually happened at a different time. This morning though, I actually went at 8am 🙂 Honestly though I prefer going on runs at night. Since I live in the tropics, the mornings are really humid and “heavy” and it usually only cools down at night, making running more bearable in my opinion.

Throughout the day I was struggling again on finding work to do but I kept myself busy, so there’s a lot of projects coming soon 🙂 get excited! I also worked on my book some more and had a boxing class for the first time in a long time.

Can we take a moment to acknowledge that I am doing really well right now! I am on a roll. Really tired and exhausted but I feel great mentally!

Sunday, 24th of March: Day 6

Today was hard waking up. I heard my alarm but not a single muscle in my body moved. I think it rang for a solid ten minutes before it annoyed me so much that I finally moved. My morning wasn’t very productive either. I was just very slow at everything. To give you a picture, I had two coffees and I was working normally. Usually I get hyper after one.

In the afternoon, I joined my brother for his boxing class and therefore didn’t go to the gym at 11pm. Instead I got an early night in, which I really needed.

Monday, 25th of March: Last Day!!!

I’m guessing I was a little sleep deprived from the past week because I slept right through until 6am. Then I got up and went on a run. At this point I’ve developed a routine. Even though it is more like a Casey-knock-off routine, I am still going to count it.

I ran, then ate breakfast, worked(cleaned the house in my case), ate lunch, worked some more and finished the night with quick leg and ab workout, before devouring a homemade pizza! I am getting used to this routine and I love it. Although, I don’t think I could run on 5 hours of sleep longterm or wake up at 4am. I might get back into waking up at 5am though.

Overall experience

I did it! I actually completed the challenge(well more or less). Yes there were a few ups and downs but hey, if we look at trial one, this week was so much more successful. I like how productive I have gotten over the past week. I do think though that waking up at 4am is not quite my cup of tea. At least not at the moment, where I have got all day and nothing really to do.

Respect to Casey for sticking to this! I actually found it hard, working out twice a day and also the minimum hours of sleep. I am not the kind of person, who can function properly on 5 hours of sleep. Having said that though, I did really enjoy the experience. I think overall I liked it. I mean the waking up part was always a little bit of a struggle and so was dragging myself to the gym twice a day, but it was exactly what I needed for myself to get out of the rut I was stuck in over the past months and more. Therefore I think this was rather successful. I am actually so proud of myself for pushing myself until the end and that I actually managed to go through with this! So a big thank you for sticking around and reading this and of course a big thank you to Sorelle for inspiring me to do this in the first place.