Bullet Journal March | Green Tropics

Good morning my lovelies,

I personally didn’t think I would end up still making this post. It is already halfway through march and therefore little help to anyone really at this point, but I do always get quite a lot of positive feedback from my bullet journal posts as you guys seem to like them, therefore I am still posting this mid-march.

I got inspired by AmandaRachLee on youtube this month. Normally I don’t like the whole doodled look very much, but I really like this kind of art style she was following and I had never done it before, so I tried it out.

Now, disclaimer. I only got around to actually pre-write my journal about a week ago, therefore half of march was already gone and I really didn’t need to fill my pages with unnecessary days, that have already passed. Also, I was in a bit of a rush planning my Journal, hence the lack of creativity and calligraphy on my pages. It is safe to say, that this isn’t my strongest game, but I am sharing my journal anyway, to show you what my journal looks like, when I forget half the month and am in a time rush 🙂 hehe.

As I needed this to go fast, all my journal for the month of March includes is the monthly overview, with my goals, challenges and events on the side, as well as a weekly log for half the month. After that I decided to add a brain dump page, which is actually new for me. I figured with me writing a book and getting back into things, it could helpful to have a page where I just dump any thoughts, ideas or inspirations on.

As for decoration, I kept my entire theme green, as you can see. The art style, whose name I don’t know, I was going for was this digital, clean looking, colourful style. I know that is very descriptive but basically I made basic round-ish shapes that represented plants or something like, and then added patterns with a white gel pen on top of that to give the look some depth. Honestly, I am not a fan of my starter page and weekly log, and I do wish I would’ve put more effort into the entire aesthetic part of this months spread, but hey that’s how things are sometimes. Time isn’t always on ones side and that is alright. There is always next month 🙂

Well there you have it that concludes my March layout. Very simple, very basic, but convenient for these circumstances. I know this isn’t my best work but it is working for me for now and I’ll come back next month with more creativity and extravaganza 🙂 until then, take care