Part one: Living Like Casey Neistat for 14 Days | 12MonthsofChallenges

Sorelle Amore, a youtuber I watch, has recently done a video where she lives like Casey Neistat for a week. I had no idea his daily routine was so insane! Since watching Sorelles video, I have been very intrigued on trying it out myself. And as I am trying to achieve my maximum work potential, I feel like February just seems to be calling for this challenge! I am quite nervous of this challenge but nevertheless we’re are giving it a try this month and see what happens.


– Wake up between 4-5am

– 7-7:30 – breakfast with Francine

– 5-7am – work

– 8am – 9:45 – run & get ready for day

– 10am-6pm – work

– 6-10pm – family time

– 10-11pm – gym

– 11pm – sleep

This makes me the most productive I have ever been, if I follow his schedule 100%. I am quite excited for this actually. My only worries for this challenge are, that my body will give up on me(due to the high amount of exercise), I won’t come up with enough ideas to fill in my work time and lastly I am really thinking about the amount shampoo I’ll need for this week 😛 sheesh it is going to be a struggle. #longhairproblems!! Only one way to find out, if I was right or wrong.

morning run completed

Day 1 – Attempting it at least

Yeah it didn’t happen today. I had three alarms set for myself at 4:30 am and first of all two of them I didn’t even hear and the third one I turned off… What a great start.

Day 1: Second Attempt!

Today started off better than yesterday. I actually got up at 4-ish am. But instead of working, I redid my entire room – my neighbours must love me. The run I had to postpone because I had an appointment but I feel like it still counts, even though I did it later in the day. At least that is what I told myself. When I got home I sat down and worked for a few hours, then tanned, took a shower, made lunch and worked some more. Wow, it is not even day two yet and I am deliberately failing this challenge.

Day 2: Half Way There

What I was doing obviously didn’t work. Firstly I wrote down the Schedule on a piece of paper and stuck it up on my wall to remind me that I was doing a challenge. I even placed my phone on the other side of room, BUT when my alarm went off at 4:00 am, I get up and turn it off. WHY AM I LIKE THIS?!?! At around 6am, I then slowly started to “wake up”. By 7:30am I was at the gym for my morning run. I wasn’t feeling it. I was bored, tired and sore but I pushed myself and even though it wasn’t anywhere close to what I usually run, I can proudly say I went to the gym at all! It’s 9am now and I am sitting down for work.

You know although having not mastered the actual routine part yet, I do have to say that I am more productive than I have been since I’ve come back from my trip in Canada and just to give you a reference that was about three months ago.

Day 4 : Getting Closer

It’s day 4 and I’m still not really following the routine… Slowly I am actually getting quite annoyed at myself, which isn’t helping my situation. I just can’t seem to get myself to wake up between 4-5am, nor to drag my couch-potato-self to the gym 2 a day. Nevertheless, I am not giving up. I am promising you by the end of this challenge I will have got the routine down!


I’d be lying if I said I continued this challenge and actually succeeded at it eventually. By the time I was even remotely close to achieving his routine I flew on holiday to Perth…but we’re not giving up. I am back, more determined than ever, so let’s give this another shot shall we.

Part two coming soon…