Coffee? |February Bullet Journal

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Good Morning lovelies, how are we doing on this beautiful Monday? Not quite there yet, huh? How about a cup of coffee?

Gosh, it is already February! Where did the time go?? A minute ago I was still writing down my new years resolutions, and the next I missed like half of them in January…I am telling you, I have a lot of catching up to do this month! But hey, no need to panic, we still have 11 months!

In February, my theme choice was coffee. Coffee is often times used as a source of energy on long days and early mornings. Now you’re probably going to hate me for this, but I am one of those people that don’t need coffee. Actually, coffee make me super hyper to a point where I am unable to sit without shaking. My friends actually forbid me to drink coffee, when I am around them. But as I do like the flavour of coffee, I still occasionally treat myself to a nice cup of coffee.

This month I want to really work hard on everything I neglected last month and for that I need a little bit of extra fuel. In my case not literally, but metaphorically. The coffee should remind me to be more productive and on top of my game rather than the total slug I was 🙂 hehe. Let’s hope it works.