Hygge Challenge | 12MonthofChallenges

hello, my lovelies. How have you guys been? Excuse my absence, but a lot of things have been happening the past few days and somehow the days just slipped away and no blog post was published. But I am back.

On Pinterest, where I basically live right now, I always come across these 30, 14 or 1 day challenges and although sometimes I think they’re a bit stupid, here and there I stumble upon a few challenges that seem fun. I figured since this year I want to try out a few new things, I might as well give challenges a try too. I’ve decided to try a new each month. This months challenge is the one week Hygge Challenge.

Hygge – it’s a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

I cam across Hygge through Youtube, when one of the Youtubers I watch mentioned the book. Me, who is a big fan of anything related to self love and general well being, found this immediately very interesting. And then I stumbled upon the challenge on Pinterest. Here is how my week went:

Monday – Cook dinner, turn on music and eat by candle light.

My brother and I are home alone at the moment. As he spends most of his day in his room, I dragged him out for dinner. Tonights menu: Nachos. I prepared the actual Nachos and my brother was in charge of Guacamole. We turned on some music and laughed a whole lot! I couldn’t find candles, so we decided to turn on The Avengers on Netflix, with some Gin tonics to accompany the whole set up. Let me tell you we had a pretty fun Monday night!

Tuesday – Buy some flowers or plant to add some greenery indoors.

Today I didn’t really follow the challenge. I had a me-day instead. In the morning I watched the sunrise, read in my book, danced to some music, later soaked up the sun on our balcony, before curling up with some snacks in my bed and “Netflix and chilling”. In the afternoon I then met up with my best friend and had a laugh over some cakes in our favourite little café. I have to be honest today was a pretty great day 🙂

Wednesday – have a screen-free evening with board games or curled up with a good book

At this point things went a little all over the place. Although I completed all of the challenges, the actual days varied very much. I had planned to have a board game night with my brother but conveniently he wasn’t home this particular night. Instead I curled up with my book and some hot chocolate. I have to say, if you are in need of a good book the “Forget-Me-Not Sonata” by Santa Montefiore isn’t too shabby 🙂

Thursday – Create something. You could bake cookies, write a poem, sketch or knit.

I have this big canvas with a painting, that I drew when I was in seventh grade. Let me spare you with the details other than it is hideous. For today my plan was to get white paint and create something new. Somehow though, the universe was completely against me today. None of the shops had white paint and then something in our apartment broke for which a handyman had to come by. Long-story short, I didn’t paint that day. In the evening we ordered Mexican and watched the “Avengers”. Not a bad way for a bad day to end at all.

Friday – Watch a film with family or friends with lots of cozy blankets and hot beverages.

All day I cleaned our home and then baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies as a reward. Even-though I didn’t end up eating any of them, my brother was pretty thrilled. I switched yesterday with today a little, as my closest friends and I had already planned on going out together for a girls night. Now it wasn’t a cozy night really, more on the contrary really, we danced half the night and laughed through the other half! It is just hard to beat a night full of good music, dancing and lots of laughing.

Saturday – Savor a leisurely morning with breakfast in bed, candles and a book or craft.

I am not going to lie, Saturday was very unexciting. Pretty much all I did was only going out for a nice brunch after the girls night and then sleeping for the rest of the day. But hey – it was a leisure morning.

Sunday – Head outdoors for a long walk to enjoy nature. You could go to a local park or hiking trail, or simply explore the neighbourhood.

I woke up quite early from a stomach pain on Sunday. After watching the sunrise and the making myself a small breakfast I sat down and faced timed my parents who were on holiday at that time. It was nice catching up with them. The following Monday it was going to be my birthday. The rest of the day, I pretty much spent running around getting the last supplies for my birthday brunch. Not too exciting but I did end up buying some flowers and created a beautiful bouquet for our dining table! And as if the day couldn’t get any better, my two best friends showed up at my front door with pizza, cake and some movies! Like whaaat?!?!

Yeah, that was my week of trying to do the Hygge Challenge. I am very aware that a lot of the times I just kind of did my own thing, but personally I believe it had the same effect in the end. I learnt to become more aware of my day and doing-about. It might not always have been the ideal of comfort or whatever coziness but I was always content. It was as if, my focus had slightly shifted and suddenly a day seemed like such a simple thing. An unpredictable thing, that could even in the worst times be shifted for the better. Take Friday for example, I had had a pretty annoying day but that didn’t stop me from having an incredible fun night with my besties on the same day. If there is one thing I think we can take from this challenge, it is the realisation that a day is mad up of hours and minutes, and that it doesn’t mean if one minute or hour sucks, that immediately the entire day was rubbish. A day is made up of small components and we have the power to change a bad day into a good one.

Thank you for reading. Ciao, adios, au devoir, bye bye and tschüss<3