Surf’s Up | Bullet Journal Spread + Set Up

Good Morning my lovelies! I’m back with the journaling. For those of you who don’t know, last half year I was basically travelling around Canada and Switzerland, so my Bullet Journal, which I had just bought in June, turned more into a travel journal. Now that I am back home and trying to get back in routine, I took the liberty of buying myself a new journal for this year. I have really enjoyed starting completely from scratch. My last six months have been a bit rough and so it feels very cleansing to leave all of that behind and start new this year.

Part 1: Set Up

I don’t need much to be organised or happy, so for my bullet journaling set up there are only a few pages I really need. Normally I have a birthday calendar, but this year I figured it was more practical to have my future log and all the birthdays together in one layout along with the holidays and important events. For my layout I chose a vertical structure, where at the top I’d write the month and at the bottom followed all the days. So far it is working great. Now I am super into astrology, so I have a separate calendar specifically for the moon cycles this year. Besides, the full moon tends to affect my sleeping, therefore I figured it wasn’t too bad to know when my lack of sleep is due to the moon and not something else.

As this is the year of taking chances, it only made sense to have an overview of all the things I want to achieve this year 🙂 And last but not least I have a blog post ideas page, where I write down what blogposts I want to post during which months and can brain dump new ideas as well.

Part 2: January

For weeks now I have this urge to fly to a beach, surf and chill with coconuts under palm trees all day. I also really like reading inspirational quotes as well. Therefore, it only felt right to make this months theme a surf and beach theme. I mixed the colours blue, green and pink, which I find complement each other very well.

From Pinterest I printed a few pictures and decorated with those along with a few doodles. For the month of January, I have got a monthly overview page with my goals and challenges for this month. After that follows my daily log. Recently I flipped through my very first bullet journal and felt so happy looking at the picture collages I had made. This year I want to have one page dedicated to a picture collage off all the things I had done that month. Some months will need more pages than others, but I think this is a cute way to capture memories, which later I can look back on and feel happy about them.

I might add more pages to the future months but for now this works perfectly for me. For the coming year I have got a few fun ideas on designs already planned and honestly can’t wait to realise them.

That was all from my side for this month regarding journaling. But before I say goodbye, do you journal? And what pages do you have in your bullet journal?

Adios, bye bye, ciao, au revoir and tschüss.