A Year of Taking Chances

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Good morning fellow readers, I hope you all had some wonderful festive days and a good start to the new year!

My start has been a bit rough. I injured my back a few days back and am now on rest and no exercise parol. At least I won’t be bugging anyone at the gym with their new year – new me aspirations. Guys, it’s 2019!! Where did 2018 go?!?! I recently read a post on tumblr about two people having a conversation on how short 2018 was, when the one person mentioned we had an olympics last year. I completely forgot about that. I have also read somewhere that lots of people have mixed feelings about 2018 and I think I feel the same way. To recap in 2018 I lost 10kg, travelled to Hong Kong, Phuket, Japan, Amsterdam, Canada and Switzerland, I got to design a magazine, which was even published, got my first pay check and then my second, wore a bikini with confidence for the first time ever, graduated, got accepted to university, learned to speak french and and and. That was the glorious part of 2018 although the first half was pretty exciting and fun I also had some minor injuries, had to move out, stressed a lot about things that in the end weren’t too worth it, I felt lonely a lot after my friends and I all went our separate ways after graduation and so on. I mean to be honest the good things last year definitely overpower the bad ones but never less they were there too.

With me graduating and having start life on my own two feet meant that last year was a lot about learning who I was and what I was capable of. For this year I really want to use the strength and knowledge I gained to go after my dreams that I have put off to the side for so many years now. You see this year is my year of taking chances, going out more and just living life! I have a whole year before university starts and my list of goals for this year isn’t too small either, which only means 2019 is the time for me to finally make that step towards the goals I have set myself years ago. Let me enlighten you with what I have got planned for this year. Call it new years resolutions, general life goals or whatever but here are a few things I want to achieve or work towards this year!

The Year of Taking Chances

  1. I will write a book – this has been a dream of mine for a while now and I think I have got a story up my sleeve that is worth putting down on paper (I actually started this one already).
  2. Learn how to surf – there’s something about the art of surfing that I find mesmerising and this year I really want to learn how to surf. I even found a surf camp in Bali, which I am really excited for!
  3. Lose the last bit of my “safety belt” – there’s a saying that goes something along the line that sometimes we have bit of extra weight to protect ourselves from something we aren’t comfortable with or maybe even scared of. This can be within or something in our environment. I am going to invest time trying to figure out what the reason for this “spare tire” is and then work towards conquering that fear.
  4. Travel some more – I am young, have no obligations yet and a little bit of money saved up so why not invest in some travelling to gather experiences, knowledge and new stories. Travel plans for this year are Australia, France, Spain and Indonesia so far 🙂
  5. Learn Spanish – I have a whole list of languages that I am planning on learning. Last year I mastered french and I think this year it will be Spanish!
  6. Open my own business – this is more of a longterm goal but hey it is never too early to start and looking at the time I have got it only makes sense to start investing time in something I am so passionate about.

I guess I have six major goals on my list this year. As for what you guys can expect on the blog in the upcoming time, well that is still a secret but I am making another post all about the future for this blog. In fact one of the goals I haven’t put down on here is to finally make this blog bloom!

I guess that is it from my side of things for today. I hope you had a great start to the new year and do let me know what some of your goals are for the new year! Until Wednesday. Bye bye, ciao, au devoir, tschüss.