Unusual ways to practise Self Care


re-read a favourite book

diffuse essential oils

go on a walk

take a bath

light a scented candle

make a homemade body scrub & exfoliate

doodle or write in a journal

listen to your favourite album growing up

bake something

read inspiring quotes

organise your closet

cozy up in a bunch of blanket while watching your all-time favourite movie

buy yourself flowers

turn off your phone for a few hours

learn to say no

do your nails

sit in the sunshine


treat yourself to your favourite meal

play with your pet

do yoga

do a DIY project

deep condition your hair

plan a vacation

watch the sunrise or sunset


go to a park and feed birds

look through old pictures

make a fire and roast marshmallows

have a little dance party by yourself

make a little garden in your house

try a new recipe

call a friend or family member