Staying Healthy on the Road |Guilt-free Travelling

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Being on the road is fun. Lots of new places, people and lots of good food! Travelling is so much fun but unfortunately a lot of time we have the tendency to throw our good habits out of the window and just live outside all rules by society, only to realise the “damage” we have caused to our body afterwards. And I am not talking plainly about appearance because appearance usually doesn’t change too drastically within a few days or a week. However if we’re travelling for longer than that our “vacational” behaviour can lead to step back on our journeys to fit and healthy. Now don’t get me wrong it is totally healthy and also normal to take a few days off and just do absolutely nothing, eat all your favourite foods and just relax. But lets say that you’re travelling for 3 months. If you live like that for three months while travelling, it will have the same effect on your mood, skin, health and body, like when you’d be behaving like that at home. Our body’s health is so important! They are carrying us through our lives from place to place and they are the reason you get to experience so many cool things. Without them we’d merely be a soul floating around the universe. What I am trying to say is, that we should take care of our bodies. For the sake of your skin, bones, liver and all that surrounds the body. We do it at home so why not on holiday? Holidays are after all for relaxing and rehabilitation.

Now being on the road usually means that you don’t have a constant home, maybe no access to gym of some sort and food is whatever you come across. And that is totally fine. That is actually what it means to be on an adventure not knowing when, what, where. I myself am on the road right now and here are just a few things I like to do in order to keep myself up and going and well because travelling is never fun when you feel icky, gross and disgusting.

  1. Water is your Best Friend: As annoying as it might be, having to go to the loo every few hours, it is actually so important to hydrate your body! I am defiantly not the first one to tell you this, but not only does it flush out toxins in your body but it also keep your skin clear and gut flowing. Both going to make you feel great about yourself. Besides you have more energy when you’re hydrated. More energy means you get to be up and about exploring for longer! So really drinking water is just beneficial for you. Keep in mind to bring a reusable bottle on you’re trip though in consideration of our oceans.
  2. Walk Everywhere: Moving is a big part to a healthy body, mind and soul! Try walking to your next destination or go on a walk/hike. I guarantee you that you will not regret it! Going on walks is also very therapeutic. You might even come across something new, that you would have never seen by taking the bus or car. You might even save some money! If your hotel has a gym go use it. Sometimes they’re actually very well equipped and usually have no one inside them. Don’t have a gym – well good thing crunches and squats can be done everywhere, even in the comfort of your own hotel room.
  3. Release your inner sleeping beauty: It is called beauty sleep for a reason. Sleep helps rejuvenate you’re body and its energy levels, leaving you refreshed, energetic and happy in the morning. So don’t overwork yourself, take a break, sit back and sleep it out!
  4. Treat yourself Responsibly: You should defiantly have that piece of cake for desert and a glass of wine or your favourite cocktail with your dinner. It is so important to treat yourself! This can actually help prevent a binge on a bunch of junk food, which is going not going to make you feel very nice. So treating yourself defiantly a yes, but do it responsibly. Like instead of having your whole entire day filled with all the junk food in the world, try making it a special occasion. Treat yourself for a nice desert at dinner or your favourite meal for lunch. Spread it out over a bigger time spam. It will leave you more excited and enjoy it more as well! Also don’t forget your veggies guys 😉
  5. Sunscreen it up: Last but not least, use sunscreen guys! I myself am very guilty of this but too many of us forget to apply sunscreen and our skin and health take the toll for it. As much as sun is healthy for us, too much is never good. It can speed up the process of the skins ageing and even leave us with skin cancer, which is never good. Do yourself a favour and apply sunscreen!

Now there are plenty more tips I could list but to be honest I feel like these ones helped me the most. My trip is coming to an end soon and as much as I am sad about it, I am also very excited to get back into a routine and have full control over what goes into my body again. I have to admit, the points named here are mainly focused around physical health but I think I will follow up on another post regarding mental health while travelling as it is just as important.

I hope this was helpful in some way or another and I will chit chat to you guys next time. Bye bye, ciao, au revoir, tschüss.