Cabin Vibes |November Bullet Journal

Ever since being on the road, I haven’t really been following any routines or plans of any sort. Everything has kind of been a little all over the place, my workouts and healthy eating have been partly through the roof and so has my planning as well as journaling. But that having said, for the past month or so I have gotten some more time and could finally do another month spread in my beloved bullet journal. I actually had to start a new one this summer and to be frank, it has turned into a bit of everything journal, from my travel diary to my french practise you can find everything in my already over halfway filled notebook! For last months theme I went for a pumpkin theme and the one before that was a water/wave theme and the one before that lemons – all things you haven’t seen unfortunately. Since I am on the road my resources regarding pens and fancy washi tape have been quite limited. Like I brought three colours: pink, blue and orange. I find that pink and blue are both too cold for these fall months, so for both September and November I had to use my orange, which resulted in them looking similar overall. That is alright though, as I soon will be reunited with all my craft supplies and can then plan out some super new and fun designs again.

Last months theme was pumpkins and for this month as it is the transition month between fall and winter, I decided to go for a cozy cabin forest meets the night skies stars theme. A lot to take in but let me break it down for you: basically I drew a bunch of mountains, pine forest trees, cabins and cozy things I associate with cabins, like knits and warm beverages. All of the mentioned above, would be beneath a night sky filled with stars. Overall I am quite happy how this months theme turned out to be in the end, even if my resources were limited! But hey, in a weeks time I will be back reunited with all my pens and then we can go a 110% on the bullet journal grind again.

Something I am trying out this month is my habit tracker. I feel like the whole travelling has gotten me a bit out of routine and I could defiantly be picking up on some good habits again. I am also reintroducing a gratitude challenge for this month. It has been a while since my last one and it is always good to be grateful for what one has. My goal for November is to find my drive again, as well as fall back into a good routine with some good habits. I am hoping with the habit tracker and the challenge I am able to achieve that a little easier.

Without going on any further, here is how the final result turned out to be:

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Adios, ciao, bye bye, au revoir, tschüss. Talk to you Saturday