Tick Tock | Halloween Special

My heart was racing in my chest, my lungs on fire and my legs numb. How could I have been so stupid! From the moment I met them, I knew there was something fishy. With their kindness they manipulated me. No, I manipulated myself by thinking someone so nice could never be this bad. And look who is running now, that’s right, me. My hands were clenching onto the big oak tree I was hiding behind. I could pick up faint voices in the distance. They weren’t here just yet, but soon they would and when they get me then I would be lying among the others in the ground with an open skull and a missing finger. I closed my eyes for a moment. *Click* Shit. Without thinking my legs started running deeper and deeper into the forest. The branches scratched open my bare skin. It was getting harder and harder running through the densening forest. Every inch in my body was aching. My lungs burning. I didn’t know how much longer I could keep running like this. Time was running out. My time was running out. *Click* My head turned to the right for a split second and the next moment I hit the ground hard. My foot has gotten stuck in one of the roots on the floor. Shit, my shoe was stuck. Warm blood was running down the side of my face. And panic rose in my body. Nonononono, this couldn’t be happening. I would be leading them right to me. I looked up around me. My hands shaking. I was now standing at the edge of the forest, in front of me a freshly mowed field. I had never known there were fields in this little town. The field wasn’t big, I could see all four corners from where I stood. My legs were full of scratches and in terrible pain. With only one shoe left I started crossing the field when suddenly *crack* Shit. I had to get off this field. I had to get off it now! What followed the crack made every cell in my body freeze. It was a sort of screeching cry that made scratching the side of a porcelain cup with a metal spoon look like Christmas. I swirled around. They were here. The screeching cry was coming from every corner now. I was surrounded. Tick Tock time was running out. To them it was all just a game and I was on their field. *Knock Knock* I looked around me but couldn’t see anything. *Knock Knock* Who is there? Everything turned black. In a faint voice someone whispered in my ear “Happy Halloween”. My time ran out.