Chapter I completed: High School is Over

It is crazy how a few months ago I was still drowning in my notes and now I am travelling across Canada all by myself! Time fly’s by so fast, it is unbelievable. One moment I was still writing exams and my only problem was the upcoming vocabulary test and the next I was all dressed up among the people, who became my family over the past three years, receiving my high school degree. Like birds leaving their nest we all parted in different directions and as strange as this sounds I know some of them I will probably never see again.

For many the last school day is the happiest day of their life. No more school, no more having to get up early and stare at a black board for eight hours a day. I would be lying if I said that my last school day wasn’t among one of the best but my feelings towards this day were a bit bitter sweet. One of the reasons for that being, that I am one of those weirdos that actually liked going to school. Most of the time I was bored during class and dragging my energy-less body around but somehow I liked it anyway. I guess it helped that my class was made up with some of the coolest people. Although we were so different from each other, when we needed to we stuck together and looked out for each other like a little family. Also my teachers weren’t the worst. I mean they all had they’re pros and cons but overall they were pretty ok.

I think one of the hardest things for me was how fast it all ended. Within weeks we had our exams and that was it! Everyone around me seemed completely fine with that and sometimes felt like I was the only one who didn’t want this chapter to end just yet. Something inside me froze and for weeks I was this emotionless zombie on the inside, incapable of getting anything done. It frustrated me that I was wasting time like this but there was nothing I could do about – or lets say I didn’t know what to do about it. My days  usually productive days turned into lying on my bed and wasting my time by watching nonsense on youtube days. Life around me of course continued, even without me taking an active part in it and very soon my last school day came around knocking on the door. Eventually I held my degree in my hands and didn’t know wether to cry or laugh.

Isn’t it crazy how just a few months ago I was still drowning in my notes and now I have my own bank account, have received my first pay check and will very soon start University. Next to all the important papers I have to fill out now, it is very liberating to make all of my own decisions! Somewhere that is also kind of scary since there is no one watching over my hands telling me when I messed up. But I think the coolest thing is the fact that my graduation marks the beginning of a new chapter and in this chapter it is completely up to me how live it! As much as I was scared before I am now left only with excitement for what my next chapter has to offer!

Until next time bye bye, ciao, au revoir, tschüss.