I thrive in Autumn |Wardrobe Inspiration

As little as I share this part of myself on here, I actually really love style and fashion. If I could I would dress like my pinterest boards all year around. Why don’t I? Well my closet is more or less a bunch individual pieces that don’t really represent who I am/want to be and most of the times don’t really look that great. I wore a school uniform in high school, so Monday through Friday I didn’t have to put thinking into my outfits and on weekends I dressed in leggings and basics most of the time. And shopping to be honest is kind of overwhelming to me. It is not that I don’t like shopping. No, not at all! The thing is whenever I go shopping I either become this really picky shopper that suddenly doesn’t like anything anymore or thinks everything is way too overpriced or becomes really good at finding arguments why I don’t need this or that. On the other hand I sometimes go into a shop and just buy something for the sake of having bought something. These items are usually very random and most often declutter out of my closet again a few weeks later. It is hard. Shopping for myself and by myself is a challenge.

But having said that I do very much love the autumn fashion! In this season I thrive when it comes to fashion! I love almost everything from the big chunky sweaters, to the booties, over to the fluffier socks and oversized jackets to the hats. The art of layering different pieces and playing around with prints and fabrics is blossoming in this season. And I love it! I have been looking around the stores and watching some of my favourite stye inspirations on instagram recently and there are a few styles this season I am really digging. To be honest, I think the time has come to update my closet a bit. Now that I have finished school and am beginning a new chapter in my life, I feel like it is time to grow out of my leggings and basics phase and invest in a few pieces. So here are a few things I am going to invest in this season:

White Sweater

Dr. Martins

Chunky Funky Sweaters


leopard print 


leather skirt


layered gold jewellery 


Defiantly let me know what you think I should add to this list or if you know some good brands. Also would you guys be interested in seeing some outfits on here? and lastly what are you wearing this season?

See you next time bye bye, ciao, au revoir, tschüss.

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