Episode 3: Sushi Burritos all day every day|72 Hours Toronto – #3MonthsInCanada

Here is the shortest Travel log of my trip. I went to Toronto a couple of weeks ago. I had two reasons why I wanted to come her, one for thrift stores and second because it was close to the Niagara Falls. Here’s how my trip went the fast track around.

Thursday, the 20th of September: Arrived in Toronto, checked into my hostel, explored Kensington Market, found a really sweet restaurant and had a really great buddha bowl, defiantly enjoyed that, rested for a while before going out to dinner with a new friend I made and had the MOST AMAZING THING EVER: A sushi Burrito!

Friday, the 21st of September: Woke up, showered, went to breakfast, had too many choices of cereal, so I ate a bagel, went back up to the room, got ready, left hostel to explore Toronto, had a near heart attack experience in the CN Tower, because the elevators have glass walls and floors and I have terrible fears of heights, therefore had to calm myself down in the aquarium for 2 hours after that, saw many sharks and jellyfish, left very happy and content, which is another word for happy so really just very happy, continued my day by visiting St. Lawrence Market, and then the distillery district before returning back to the hostel, and you guessed it had another sushi burrito for dinner! The perfect ending to any day.

Saturday, the 22nd of September: Woke up, again, thankfully, went to breakfast, had the same problem as the day before, this time though decided to mix a bunch of cereals together to create a magical cereal mix, content about conquering my breakfast dilemma for today, took a street car to downtown, where my newly made friend and I embarked a tour bus to the one and only Niagara Falls, we drove there for two hours, visited the falls, joined the horn blower cruise, loved it, had a lot of fun, later found a Hershey’s chocolate store, had a somewhat decent lunch, continued the tour to a winery, tried ice wine, also loved it, continued to Niagara Town, had apple pie ice cream, felt like I was on cloud nine, saw a rainbow on the way back, was even more content, and finished the night with my new friend eating, you guessed it sushi burritos, except we ordered sushi bowls, so you only partly guessed right.


Sunday, the 23rd of September: Had the same dilemma at breakfast as the previous days. Took my way too heavy backpack, checked out and left, boarded a train in Union Station, bye bye Toronto and hello Montreal.

toodles, bye bye, ciao, au revoir, tschüss.