Coconut Kale “Chilli”

There is a little bit of s funny story behind this recipe and I discovered it only by “accident”. Last year around September my parents went on a trip together while my brother and I stayed home for a week. During this time one of my mothers friends, who was our emergency contact in case something happened, came to visit us for dinner one evening. I was about to start my usual “chilli sans carne” when she arrived. We had a drink in the kitchen, where I wanted to continue cooking dinner when she jumped in and told me to sit on the counter and tell her how things were going etc. while she would do the cooking. I realised her idea of a chilli is a bit different from mine.


She started removing the stems from the kale with which I was originally going to make kale chips with and chopped those up finely. In a pan she fried up those kale stems with some red onion until the onion was translucent. After that she cut up a zucchini into little cubes and added those to the kale stems and onion. Now her idea of chilli was this – chilli the spice and not the dish. So to the pan she added some chilli powder. Then she let all of it cook together in the pan until the zucchini softened before adding a can of kidney beans, rinsed. After that she added the kale leaves into the “chilli”, waiting for them to cook down a bit before – this is where I thought I should have cooked myself because the last thing she added made me doubt very much that this was going to be good, haha. Coconut Oil. She added coconut oil, a generous amount. And that my friends is the secret to this delicious meal! It is amazing! Absolutely delicious! I recommend you serve this with either some rice or soba noodles. But it is also absolutely amazing on its own just like that. You should defiantly try this!