Eight times Three – a personal Challenge

Hello, hey, hi,

I don’t know how to start this post. Maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t but I have been a little MIA over past few months. Now I could come up with a thousand excuses of why I was not active on here but non of them change the fact that I sucked at blogging recently.

That is okay though because I have plenty of things to write about now. You see I might have been MIA but you weren’t forgotten! I have got plans for this blog.

Now it will not be a complete reboot as I will still keep posting little stories, my room transformations, Bullet Journal Spreads and whatnot, like previously. The difference I guess will be that a) I will post more frequently and b) I have a theme system now. My personal challenge for the next 8 weeks is to upload 3 times a week! This will help me get back into writing and rediscover my passions, which are writing and the things I will be writing about.

For the first Category, I plan to post about Travelling and all I can share about that has to do with travelling on Tuesdays. I will also touch on life as an Expat-Kid growing up abroad and more. Now something I have not shared much about on here is my passion for food. Good food! That is why I have chosen to also make a food column every Thursday. In this section I will share recipes, my relationship with food, health facts and a lot more. You get the gist. Things revolving around food!

For Saturday I have a little “Surprise Post” planned. Meaning that there is no strict Category for this day, also meaning that you will see anything from my Bullet Journal Spreads, a random little Story I wrote, something regarding fashion to tips for the day to day life. We will see what my creative mind can come up with.

My goal behind this 8 Week challenge is not only to rediscover my passions, which have been neglected a bit since I graduated High School in April but in a way also to become more mindful and grounded again by reflecting, processing and sharing. My mind has been everywhere over the past few months and this will give me the opportunity to settle down a little and start having a little routine again. I just want to take the time to take care for myself a little more again. I am defiantly looking forward to all of the above.

If you want to follow me on this Journey than you are more than welcome to. If not that is fine as well. I invite you to sign up for the mailing list to stay up to date on all the exciting things coming and I also encourage you to comment down below!! Share your thoughts, problems, struggles, tips…I am always happy to chat about anything and everything!

Before I completely lose myself in the world of thoughts and words, let me end this post. To those of you who will join me. Welcome to the journey. I shall talk to you on Saturday.

Ciao, bye, à plus tard.