Spontaneous Trips make the Best Adventures | Hong Kong


UH! My soul has been craving this – an Adventure! All along, my last school holidays weren’t planned to be very exciting. My dad had to get a second surgery and I – well I have lots of studying to do for the last weeks ahead of me. Therefore, we hadn’t planned anything for spring break.

You can only imagine how excited I was when my friend asked, if I were interested to join her on a spontaneous trip to Hong Kong! I would be going all alone with her and her family! I was thrilled! I needed this! For the past weeks all I had was bad news here, bad news there, homework, stress and exhaustion where the eye meets the sky. It was defiantly time for me to get out of this toxic environment for a while to recharge.


We embarked on our short adventure on Thursday the fifth of April. Besides the movie selection, nothing too exciting happened on the way there. So I will spare you the flight details.

Arrived and checked in, we headed out right away to explore. Originally we had planned to visit the famous “Cat street” – no there are no cats – but we got lost. Instead we found other markets and perhaps the “lady’s market” – we’re not entirely sure tho. Generally our navigation skills were quite weak the first day!

Weather wise, we were semi-lucky. It was warm the first night, cold and cloudy the next two and warm and sunny on day four and five again.

On Friday the sixth our destination was to see the Buddha statue on Lantau Island. Most tourists take the cable cart up there but we took the bus instead – faster and cheaper! Arrived at our destination, we found ourselves inside a cloud that was hugging the top of the mountain. It had also just started to drizzle. We saw absolutely nothing – hence why there are no pictures of this day – and were freezing our buttocks off.

In the souvenir shops we bought some plastic ponchos to protect ourselves from the rain. Marshmallow gang was born. Cold, wet and not being able to see the actual attraction we headed back home. We still had a blast though. Nothing can get in our way!


b9cdfd76-8b31-4b2e-9066-2ea5144c515dDay two was by far the most spontaneous and exciting out of all. We boarded the MTR to the “Chi Lin Nunnery” and the beautiful garden besides it. Both surrounded by so much greenery it made my heart jump! Originally, we had planned to go see the 10’000 Buddha temple but instead we took a detour to the colourful Choi Hung Estate that was close by. From here on we took the MTR and Ferry to central Hong Kong, got ice cream, took a tram, walked some more to the Peak station, from there we took a taxi all the way up – as it was again faster and cheaper – to see the breathtaking view of Hong Kong. For dinner we had personalised Ramen soup and more ice cream for desert. This was also the coldest day out of all of them.

Sunday the eighth started of early. Six o’clock to be exact. For this day we took the ferry to Macau Island, an old colony from the Portuguese. Macau is known to be the Asian Las Vegas, so you can imagine how dead and empty everything was at nine in the morning. That did not stop us though! We took one of those tourist maps and made our way to the central plaza. Here the streets were busier. Tourists walking around, shops & food stalls wherever you looked. The Plaza had a very european style and feeling to it.

I cannot express how much I loved the little streets and alleys on Macau. Each and everyone had so much character and somehow had a warm feeling to them. For Hours and hours, until our feet could no longer carry us, we walked around Macau. I can only recommend coming here when you get the chance.

At five in the afternoon we took the ferry back to Hong Kong. On the way back, we bought some pastries and called it a night. After all, we had been walking for seven to eight hours everyday since arriving, waking up early and going to bed late. This night we needed to restore our energy for Monday’s Adventure.

And so we have made it to the last full day. On Monday the ninth we went to Disneyland – who said Mondays can’t be great?

This was my first time ever being at Disneyland! I felt like a six year old when disembarking the train at Disneyland Station. All of us were so happy and cheerful. It was as if all sorrows and problems were left behind in the real world and replaced with big happy smiles! During this day we went on almost every ride we came across, tried every snack we could find and explored all five worlds. Unfortunately, we could not find Cotton Candy anywhere, which was a bit sad but you know after ice cream, churros and Popcorn maybe that was better for us.

I enjoyed all rides we did but there was one ride in particular I really loved! It was the only ride on which we went back for a second round. The Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars Ride was by far my favourite! It messes with your mind and confuses you quite a bit but oh boy was it fun!


Four lovely and packed days spent in Hong Kong was defiantly the highlight of my month! I regained my strength to finish my last few weeks of school strong. I found a certain motivation again to work on my goals and found a thrive again.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the experiences I made and the fact that my friend had asked me to come on this spontaneous trip with her! For everyone who is thinking about visiting Hong Kong I have to say do it! But do it a bit less Tourist-like. Get a small map, get lost here and there, take public transportation, try the local food and enjoy the variety Hong Kong has to offer!

With another happy memory added to my heart, I am excited for whatever life has to offer next. Take care and you’ll hear from me soon again!