I see RED // Bullet & Art Journal layout

821d0d4e-154f-4fde-9377-684d12a51ec8It’s the month of red. There are so many festive days coming up decorated in the beautiful color of red like Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day! As for me red just happens to be one of my favourite colours. Therefore for this month I went all out and tried using only the color of red.


As will see in the pictures it worked out quite alright in the beginning but mid-third week i felt like red was just not giving me everything I want and by the fourth week theres quite a few more colours than red present on my page. A

nother thing I have been practicing this month is drawing/sketching beyond my comfort zone. I tried out different styles, different techniques and mediums for this month. I would be lying that I really love how it all turned out!

At the end of the month, as always I added a story page. For the art on the right I tried using watercolour and I think it turned out pretty well.

By the way, I think in three languages, german, french and english, so don’t get confused by the constant change in language throughout the month. I wish you a pleasant February and you’ll hear from me next time. bye.


Here’s a short recap of last months layout: