I did it again

99bb97e5-70bc-40c4-8573-5b2ebd39e295My room as you know is not only my little hideout but where my ideas come to live with them me. Last weekend I decided it was again time for change and is I looked at my room, took my notes out and started planning. A new beginning for my room.

This time I stepped out of my comfort zone a little more and decided to turn things around 180 degrees. For convenient reasons I left my desk where it was.

Now heres what I did. I moved my bed to the left side of my room, headboard facing the wall and opposite of it my shelves. So with hard work I pushed the shelves all the way across my room and flipped the bed to the left wall. That was a workout on itself. On either side of my bed I added lamps and lots of greenery! And another string of fairy lights because we have entered Christmas season.


Since I moved things around I have been sleeping very well and very much enjoyed the new perspective I am getting from this angle. I’m sure it will stay like this for the next while but I will change it again as I still have a few ideas that I want to try before I leave.

As we all know it is Christmas season, the season filled with wishes, hopes and dreams. I want to ask you guys what kinds of wishes you had for potential upcoming Blog posts. Currently for a school assignment I am writing a story that I probably will share with you sooner or later – so get excited for that. Otherwise do feel free to ask for preferred blog posts you’d like to see from me as a sort of Christmas present from me to you as the reader.

Until next time. Bye.