Bullet Journal: November’s Theme

Anyone else obsessed with Stranger Things? i know, i know the whole world is talking about the show non stop but I mean have you seen it?!? It’s amazing!


The music gives you goosebumps, the characters, the style it is filmed in and I could go on an on with counting up points of why I think this show is so amazing – but that is not why you are here.

Anyway, this months theme is inspired by the Netflix series Stranger Things. The main colours I used were two different shades of reds, black and a lighter as well as a darker brown. As for the pictures I used as decoration this month I looked them up on Pinterest and just printed them out in my desired size. There are some really nice illustration based of the series on there!

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Again like last month I kept the design simple enough for me to use it as a planner for school. Besides the weekly layouts I have a expense tracker at the beginning of the month. For this month I added a page where I want to hold down all my favourite memories from this month.