An Island In The Sun

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“for her the ocean was more than a dream, it was a place she needed to visit to find herself. 

and when she returned to the city, you could see the sun in her eyes, the wind in her hair and taste the infinite salt on her lips” 

– Jose Chaves

I’m in my final year. Nothing much is different in my life now than it was a year ago. Besides of course the always growing pile of assignments, homework and exam studies needing to be done. As I sit here at my desk at 4am trying my best to finish one last assignment before school starts in a few hours, the city skyline lies just outside my window. And seemed to shine brighter tonight than usual. Maybe because of the full moon or maybe my eyes and head just made it seem like that, after all I hadn’t slept at all tonight -I guess it will be four coffees tomorrow then.

The skyline just seems to be calling for an adventure, an escape away. Far away. To an island in the sun.

The island lies about an hour and a half away from the main shore. It would be a gorgeous island with the whitest sand possible and a calm turquoise blue ocean stroking/hugging its shores. The Beach would be located in a sheltered bay and long enough to walk up and down for hours before getting bored. There would be a coral reef with lots of fish – and a turtle, there will defiantly be a turtle. On each end of the beach are rock formations I could climb on.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

All around the beach you can see nothing but a jungle. A jungle so dense you can only imagine what sorts of creatures hide behind this green wall. With not a single cloud in the sky and the sun smiling down at me, giving me blushed rosy cheeks the day after.It would feel like paradise.

And that is what it was. Paradise.

And I was there lying in the sand, feeling the cool water touch my toes, the sun rays on my face and it was just..I was just there.

I must have dozed off. I am back in the city, in my room, at my desk gazing out the window at a skyline that call for an adventure. It is now just before 6am and I need to get ready for school.

It was cloudy and rainy. But even on the worst days, when I close my eyes nothing can make me feel better than just another island in the sun.

-have a great day and take care until next time maybe-

*I went on an island with my family at the beginning of this school year and was dying to write something about it on here. I am currently in the mids of exam season – as I like to call it – and my mind was in desperate need of some creative time, hence, why I packed my trip experience into a story.