Bullet Journal: October Edition

Over the past weeks I have been pretty busy with school work and therefore am now more than excited to finally do something a little more creative again.

I started Bullet Journaling in January and fell heads over heals for it! I love how everything is in my hands how the page will eventually end up looking like. Every stroke, layout, decoration, mistake, idea creates this incredible art piece we call a journal. All created by oneself! I don’t have art in High School anymore so this is really one of the only places I have to completely let loose and just create! No boundaries, just me and my creative crazy mind.

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For this months theme I chose ‘wander’ or ‘travel’. Over the different pages I looked at different regions/continents of this planet. This developed over the pages, I started off with just adding random little doodle, which matched the theme. It turned more into a little journey around our planet.

The beginning of the month and week one and two are still very doodle based. Here I just mixed everything really. In week two we have a camping/mountain theme going on, which eventually resulted me starting this “little trip around the world”.

In week three I sketched a rough outline of Europe and added some doodle that matched Europe. My focus was mainly on food for this page, hehe. You have to admit Europe has some pretty good food! The page is still rather empty but over time I will add more doodles or pictures to this page, as I will actually travel to Europe in this week!

In week four, my focus was on North and South American culture on the lefthand side and African culture on the right hand side. Again, I will also be adding more sketches over time. I just need enough space for school assignments, etc.

For the layout I tried something different as well. I use this bullet Journal for school, hence why you can see all my exams listed on the first page haha, but this also means I need enough space and easy clear layout for me. Over the past I have tried a few different layouts and this one has to be my favourite!

Overall I liked this months theme and colours and can’t wait to do next months theme!

take care 🙂

Until next time.