A GLOOMY DAY – What to do?

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“…and for hours I could sit in the car listening to the rain dancing on the roof.”

– The Better Man Project

Today is one of those days, the sky is a grey white color, clouds are as low as the city skyline and it drizzles ever so slightly every few hours. Some might consider this shitty weather – excuse my language. Not me. I love rainy gloomy days just as much as I do sunny days with not a single cloud in the sky. From the 16th floor raindrops look like snowflakes. I always get this tingy warm happy feeling in my stomach to which I can only respond with a bright smile! When it rains it looks like winter in the middle of July!

On days like these I am either very productive and full of energy or the complete opposite. As much as I love this weather, sometimes it just takes away all my energy and after only a few hours of scrolling through social media I not only get restless and extremely bored. The combination of restlessness and boredom are the worst, I have this the worst right before a full moon – meh. All at the same time my mind is working full speed, producing all these ideas I could be doing in that very moment, cravings increase, my urge to redo my room or bake or clean something is unbearable but at the same time I feel almost paralysed as I can’t and don’t want to move. Most of the time taking a long shower does the trick to “wash away” the restlessness and boredom. The worst thing is wanting to do something and not knowing what to do! Don’t you worry, I have a few ideas for you!

Spa Day, you probably thought about doing a spa day already, in that case I am encouraging you to go ahead with your brilliant idea! No but seriously, especially if you have been really busy lately or your mind just can’t get around to stop for a moment. Go ahead run yourself a bath, add some essential oils and bath salt or be even more extra and add rose petals! Listen to some relaxing music and just chill for a bit, forget the world around you for a moment!

Gaze out the window and count raindrops, even if you don’t live in the 16th floor, watching rain is both mesmerising as it is beautiful. Try fixating on one drop in particular and follow its path, you can even close your eyes and imagine little rain drops dancing around having the time of their life!

Put on some good music, and have your own little dance party! Throw on some ‘back in the day’ songs and have a blast! Show them raindrops your coolest moves! Heck, even dance with the raindrops outside!

Want the feeling of doing something more productive, how about

Decluttering, that closet, room, garage you have been putting off for so long. Sometimes, when you feel like nothings working, cleaning up a mess that has been around for a while can make us feel light and fresh – don’t forget to blast some good music to get you going for longer.

Workout, yeah yeah I know on rainy days working out is the least you want to do. It doesn’t have to be the toughest most exhausting workout you’ll ever do but just getting a bit of blood flowing has never hurt nobody. Something fun a friend and I did recently was, that we threw a melon – instead of a ball – at each other which we then caught and adding a squat. It was good fun, haha.

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More of a creative weirdo? How about..

Cooking or baking yourself a well deserved treat, instead of just opening a bag of chips or a bar of chocolate, how about you get a little handy yourself. Try a new recipe, invite your friend, have a bake competition, pretend you guys are on Masterchef or something!

Paint, draw or write, like I am doing right now. There’s a bunch of cool art techniques you could test yourself. Ever heard of Photography Illustrations, or the one line paintings, poetry is something you could try out or write a story, who knows you could be the next Jane Austin. Release your inner Pablo Picasso for a bit, go a little nuts. Don’t have a canvas? I’m sure you have paper or you can always use yourself or the closest person to you as a canvas!

Still don’t know what to do with yourself? you know there is always the TV and some microwaveable popcorn if you’re really desperate 😉

I hope you have a great day and you will hear from me soon,

take care bye bye 🙂