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In a way this is an addition to my last post “New Season, New Room”, which featured my latest room transformation. If you read the article you will have seen that I do have a little collection of plants. I just find it fascinating how plants vary so much in shapes and sizes, colours and pattern and just like we humans and animals each plant is completely unique and different from another.

Generally I wouldn’t consider myself having a green thumb – as I did manage to kill even cacti but I need to proudly say that I didn’t kill a single plant while I was on a two week Trip to New Zealand and had no one looking after them.

Mostly I own indoor and easy care plants such as a snake plant but recently I added a little bonsai tree to my growing collection of greens. Ever since then I make sure to really take care of my plants.

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Here’s what I as a non green thumb person do in order to keep my precious plants alive:

Everyday handling: I live in the tropics so humidity shouldn’t be a problem for me,right? Well I can’t really deal with humidity so I dehumidify my room. This means I need to make sure the plants get enough water. I water them every 2-3 days and spray them with a water spray everyday! Every few weeks I add a bit of fresh soil to the pot for some needed minerals.

Holiday handling: I used this technique and it lasts for at least two weeks. I removed all my plants from the pots (if they didn’t have holes at the bottom) and placed them in big plastic boxes in the bath tub. I then filled the boxed with water about halfway. To make sure the plants have enough water you can also fill up bottles (I used 1l-1,5l ones) and place them into the plastic bowl upside down with the cap open. Once the water level sinks as low as the opening of the bottle, more water will merge to fuel your plants.

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